• Thermal Detector with Four-Leaf Clover Cell Phone Charm

    Thermal Detector with Four-Leaf Clover
    Cell Phone Charm.

    Changes Color by Temperature!!

    No two charms are exactly alike as real four-leaf clover is used!!
    Changes color by temperature!

    Warm it up between your hands in cold weather and put it on something
    cold in hot weather, then enjoy color change!

    Always Together with Your Happy Four-leaf Clover!

    Makes a great addition to
    your cell phone!
    Shimmering rhinestones and beads to glam up thermal detector!Makes a perfect gift for women of all ages!

    Dimension (approx.):

    - Thermal Detector: 25 x 20 mm
    - Chain & Beads: 57 mm
    - Total Length: 118 mm

    email | fb: zakkaten.onlineshop@gmail.com
    phone: 085866556550
    [sms only]

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