• Marimo with colorful stone in a Bottle

    Japanese Super Pet, Marimo!!
    It's quite hard to explain what it is in English!

    But it is often called as Moss Ball or spherical moss.

    Marimo is put in a small glass bottle with colorful stone!! So cute, so outstanding!! Very rare!

    Now, Marimo comes with colorful stone inside the bottle

    Read the FAQ to know how to taking care Marimo

    It's All About Marimo

    How to Raise Marimo?
    With fresh water and light. When Light applies, photosynthesis will take place. Marimo will then make starch from chloroplast and will grow.

    Is Light OK for Marimo?
    Yes, any artificial light source or indirect sunlight is sufficient.
    However, please avoid direct sun light

    Is tap water OK?
    Yes but keep maintain water temperature and avoid temperature to go up to 25 degrees or more Celsius.
    It is recommended to put Marimo into the fridge once a week to let it cool down during the summer time, if you are at warm country.

    How often should water be changed?
    Basically when water becomes dirty. It is recommended once a week in summer and once every two weeks in winter.

    Does Marimo Needs food?
    Food is no required

    What if Marimo turns Yellow?
    It is often happen becuase dirty or various germs. You can put Marimo in your palm lightly and the dirt should be washed away. If your Marimo turns blackish brown, you must neglect it for a while. It can’t be help.

    Would Marimo die?
    Yes, it dies. However, if you press it lightly with the finger and elasticity remains, it may revive. Wash it well.

    How big a Marimo will grow?
    It will grow around 5mm each year if you take care of it well. A 3cm diameter Marimo usually will take about 20 years to grow to its size.

    Why sometimes a Marimo will float to the surface of water?
    The oxygen produced in photosynthesis becomes air bubbles and gathers between cells or adheres to the surface and has made Marimo float to the surface of water. It is normal.

    Will Marimo reproduce?
    No, it will not

    What will help the growth of Marimo?
    Both coral and natural crystals are recommended.


    Dimension (approx.):

    -27 x Ø 12 mm
    -Total Length: 70 mm

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