• Vintage Japanese Weapon Cell Phone Charm

    What weapons do you think of when you think of traditional Japanese weapons?

    Katana, Nunchucks, and Shurikens are some of the most famous and lethal weapons that Samurais and Ninjas used back in the day.

    Which Weapon Would You Use to Fight?

    What is Katana?
    Katanas are the traditional Japanese swords
    that the samurais used.

    Samurais fought and saved others' lives with
    their Katana, as the great samurais
    always had even greater katana.


    What is Shuriken?
    Shuriken is the traditional Japanese weapon
    that was used for throwing. Mainly used by

    Ninjas back in the day,
    Shurikens are also known as "death stars"
    and "throwing stars". Shuriken could also
    be used to stab, or slash the opponent.


    What are Nunchucks?
    Nunchucks were originally used by
    the Kung-Fu fighters in China.

    Mainly used as a training tool, but could
    also be used to protect, and attack the opponents.


    Dimension (approx.):

    - Entire Charm: 95 mm

    - Total Length: 175 mm

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