• Candy Music Speaker Cell Phone Charm

    Candy Music Speaker Cell Phone Charm!!

    Turn Everything around You into a Speaker!!

    It Literally turns ANYTHING into a Speaker!!
    Yes, we are serious!!!!

    It may look like a plain boring circle charm at first. But if you open it up, plug in the cord into your MP3 player, then attach the charm onto anything (solid) around you, it turns into a speaker!!
    Brand New Concept that is Going to Revolutionaries the World!!

    All you need to do is open up the charm in half. The speaker is going to stick onto whatever you would like to turn into a speaker!

    The sound is caused by the frequent vibration inside of the speaker. It is so amazing it may very well change the history of the way people listen to music!!!!

    It comes with a cell phone strap and a ball chain so you can attach it to anything!All you need to do is plug it into your MP3 player! No battery is needed!Comes in a cute and colorful package so it would make a great gift as well!

    Included Products:

    - Candy Music Charm
    - Ball Chain
    - Connector Cord
    - Sticky Sheet (2 of them)
    - Instruction Manual (in Japanese only)

    * If the sticky sheet is no longer sticky, all you need to do is lightly wash it with water.




    - Standard Output: 1 W
    - Maximum Output: 2 W
    - AC Friction: 2 Ohm +/- 15%
    - Frequency Level: 0 - 20 KHz
    - Recommended Temperature (outside): -10° - 50° Celsius
    - Plug Size: Mini Plug 3.5 mm
    Dimension (approx):

    - Charm Size: 37 mm (diameter)
    - Phone Strap: 72 mm
    - Total Length: 110 mm
    - Connector Cable: 335 mm

    - Adjust the volume on the audio player, not the speaker charm
    - It is passive speaker and you do not need battery inside
    - This cute speaker won't give big sound since it is passive speaker

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